This is part of the site which I am not quite sure how to title appropriately. I don't want to say "art," I don't want to say "contributions," I don't want to say "writings." But basically this is the part of the site where anyone who has anything digitally tangible that they have created that relates to Evan will have their submissions put up on. Whether it is a piece of writing, something you drew, a song you wrote or played, anything that Evan would appreciate, this is where it will go up if you choose to send it to me. This will, ideally, be the most important and biggest part of the site once it has been up for a while. So if you have done anything whatsoever with Evan or in his memory that you would not mind being a part of this website, please drop me an email at and you can either email it to me or send it to me through the postal service (since I will be the one maintaining the site, I will post my apartment address down at school on the site once I am there). Many thanks!


Evan's Eulogy

Carol Clark's speech at Scholarship Fundraiser


Please see Pictures section - no video digitized to date.